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If you have ideas for a future shoot post it here and we might end up using it!! or If you want a complete custom shoot with your choice of topic, script, and model message

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  • more hogcuffs?

  • Id love to see Persophone cuffed with a waist chain behind her back in the jail cell for 20 mins as a penalty for losing a game

  • I'd love to see the girls actually RESIST being cuffed! For example, have them struggle and flail their arms and legs around to avoid being cuffed. Have a tall girl (like Summer) wrestle a smaller girl and pin her down before cuffing her. If they make the struggle look real, it would be HOT!!

  • oops not sure why that comment got split up. Would also love to see some crotch chains. Haven't really seen that on this site. Also i think the site could be a bit more user friendly. Allow videos to be streamed instead of just downloaded. Add in an email to contact admin. Also i think it would be cool if the videos had more acting. Like if there's a real scenario going on and the girls arent willingly being cuffed or something.

  • y to have the majority of your videos with girls cuffing girls. It's much hotter than hearing and seeing a guy cuffing a girl.

  • The thing I really like about the videos here and on prison teens is that the cuffs are put on quite tight compared to other sites. Some of my suggestions are:

  • Thanks admin, I really appreciate you shooting that for me. Maybe you could ask all new/existing models if they want to be handcuffed to the railing as well? If you keep making those videos, I'll stay on here :)

  • I really like the first time being handcuffed videos. More of those would be awesome. My biggest recommendation would be just in general to make the videos a little longer and to make sure there's plenty of shots clearly showing the cuffs, but you've been doing much better with both of those lately. An idea for a scene is a reporter doing a story/demo on whats it like to go through the arrest and booking process, talking about the experience as she goes through it.
  • admin
    Thankyou @Nick3324, just posted a cuffed to Railing video just for you..... Very disappointed that I only received ONE / idea recommendation. Seems like the members on care much more than anyone on here. We put in a lot of time and effort, shooting, editing and finding models would be nice to get some feedback

  • Could you do more cuffed to the railing/pole videos? Would love to see those again :)
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